[UPDATE] The results are shocking…

If you tried to attend our webinar last Tuesday night, you probably know that we had some “technical difficulties” during the live broadcast…we found out after the fact that we had too many people try to attend and it brought the servers down. Wow! Well..that crash actually gave us a chance to analyze the survey […]

Cellular Repair School Shows You How To Turn $5 Into $20

Understanding how to properly run your cell phone repair business is the big separator most people don’t fully capitalize on. It’s how you uniquely separate yourself from your competition.   Here is a very informative video from Frank Smith who is currently Coaching and Training our students on some very important business concepts at Cellular […]

Understanding Who Your Customer Is – Cellular Repair School.

Why is it important to understand who you customer is and what it is they are looking for? Most businesses miss out on this very important step. What understanding your customer allows is for you to connect your business offerings with the ideal customers from a place of service, compassion, and understanding. This will help […]

The Importance Of Systematizing Your Business – Cellular Repair School

Systematizing your business is one of the most important things a business owner can do to help ensure operating a successful business.   In this video Dean of Education William Agnew at Cellular Repair School talks about the importance of systematizing your business and how doing that properly allows you to scale and grow your […]

New Level III Virtual Cell Phone Training On The Way From Cellular Repair School!

Cellular Repair School is hard at work to bring a highly advanced training to individuals and growing businesses. This training will be virtually delivered meaning it can be done from any location that has internet access.   We will be providing the workmanship and training materials needed to successfully complete this training in the time […]

Creating The Right Team For Your Business!

In this video William Agnew, our Dean of Education at Cellular Repair School, talks about one aspect of being successful when it comes to creating the right team for your business!   Team has everything to do with the ability to properly scale your business. You will often find that most successful people often give […]

How Important Is Strategy In Your Business?

In this video William Agnew, our Dean of Education at Cellular Repair School, talks about one aspect of being successful when it comes to separating yourself strategically from your competition.   William also discusses how important launching and positioning your business correctly is, which is one of the things the “LaunchPad” program is going to […]

Live Via Web From Cellular Repair School… Join Us!

April 17 2015. Cellular Repair School will be having a Live Virtual Presentation right from the training offices of Cellular Repair School. All you have to do is register to join. “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER” We will be addressing the elephant in the room for most repair shops which is “How can I generate more […]

How To Use Solder When Cell Phone Soldering!

Today at Cellular Repair School we will understand which types of solder we should be using when soldering. Lets start by understanding exactly what solder is. Solder is a metal or metallic alloy used to join metallic surfaces when melted. There are generally two types of solder; a tin/lead mixture and a lead free alloy. […]