In this video William Agnew, our Dean of Education at Cellular Repair School, talks about one aspect of being successful when it comes to creating the right team for your business!


Team has everything to do with the ability to properly scale your business. You will often find that most successful people often give much of the credit to their team in regards to being able to go to the next level of success.


Finding a good team however starts with the ability to define and create the culture or environment you want everyone to operate in. This sets the tone to understand what the mission, vision and purpose of your business is.


What you will find is when people connect to a cause, mission, vision, or purpose, they are not only more passionate and dedicated to their individual responsibilities, but you will often times find that they will become action takers and contribute more in providing beneficial ideas to the companies success.


Often times doing this as a result of being bought into the purpose, vision, and goal as opposed to individual reward such as pay. The idea is, if the team wins, we all win.


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William Agnew – Dean

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