Cellular Repair School Shows You How To Turn $5 Into $20 – Cellular Repair School

Cellular Repair School Shows You How To Turn $5 Into $20

Understanding how to properly run your cell phone repair business is the big separator most people don’t fully capitalize on. It’s how you uniquely separate yourself from your competition.


Here is a very informative video from Frank Smith who is currently Coaching and Training our students on some very important business concepts at Cellular Repair School. This video is only a snapshot as we will be rolling this entire program out soon.


As a matter of fact Josh Gray and Frank Smith are doing “LIVE” coaching calls with our beta students right now. Which will also be available to students when we launch for everyone really soon. So if you missed the beta window to get it don’t worry. We will be opening it up soon.


Frank and Josh


In this video below Frank is speaking specifically about adding accessories to your business and how you can maximize your profits using things like accessories.


For more information on how you participate in this full training and when it will be available visit Cellular Repair School.


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