In this video William Agnew, our Dean of Education at Cellular Repair School, talks about one aspect of being successful when it comes to separating yourself strategically from your competition.


William also discusses how important launching and positioning your business correctly is, which is one of the things the “LaunchPad” program is going to do for you when released in Q3 2015.



At Cellular Repair School we’ve been instructing, coaching, and teaching people how to successfully start, operate, and manage their mobile device repair businesses.


But one of the biggest challenges we’ve recognized small mobile device repair businesses having is the ability to grow their business.


Growth meaning, gathering more customers and helping to expand their customer base.  So we’ve decided to do something about it offering a solution to this very consistent and troubling problem.


For many small businesses it becomes an enormous challenge to both run the day to day responsibilities of sustaining your business, and trying to grow it at the same time.


What Cellular Repair School will be rolling out to assist in this problem very soon is a program called “LaunchPad” which is designed to do exactly what the name says – Launch your business.  This will help you generate more customers, more recognition, more visibility and a more systematic approach to doing business.


LaunchPad will give you detailed step by step instruction on how to be more visible to your customers and give you systematic approaches in operating your business which will give you more time to devote to growing your businesses.


As always, thank you so much in advance for reading, watching and sharing your genius.


William Agnew – Dean


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