Understanding Who Your Customer Is – Cellular Repair School. – Cellular Repair School

Understanding Who Your Customer Is – Cellular Repair School.

Why is it important to understand who you customer is and what it is they are looking for? Most businesses miss out on this very important step. What understanding your customer allows is for you to connect your business offerings with the ideal customers from a place of service, compassion, and understanding.

This will help you as a business owner see more clearly what and how you should be delivering your products or services to your customers. This includes marketing your businesses the right way and in the right places, creating the right products and services to expecting customers without blindly shooting in the dark for any and every potential customer.

This will help you avoid the pitfalls of investing time, money and energy into the wrong projects by giving you clarity on what the benefits of you products or services are for your customers.

In the following video William Agnew Dean of Education at Cellular Repair School talks about the importance of understanding who your ideal customer is an why that is important to the success of your business.


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William believes there is a place for everyone at the table of success if given the tools, knowledge and opportunity to do so. It is his passion to help as many people as he can, pull their chair up to that table. William believes the gift of whatever you dream is in each persons ability to find the passion for what they love and maximize it.

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