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New Level III Virtual Cell Phone Training On The Way From Cellular Repair School!

Cellular Repair School is hard at work to bring a highly advanced training to individuals and growing businesses. This training will be virtually delivered meaning it can be done from any location that has internet access.


We will be providing the workmanship and training materials needed to successfully complete this training in the time suitable for every student and business. This training can be fast tracked for individuals or companies needing quick training; or the student can take the full amount of time allocated to complete the course.

This video is a small snippet example of the type of advanced cell phone repair information that will be provided.


The Level III Cell Phone Advanced Troubleshooting and Micro-Soldering course will also consist of quizzes, action assignments, lab assignments, and exams that will reinforce the knowledge as you go though the training helping you comprehend and fully understand what each lesson is reinforcing on your way to certification.


In this video we are covering one aspect of board level troubleshooting and diagnosis.  Cellular Repair School is the only school that’s teaches this level of applicable and totally relevant Level III understanding of Advanced level training that you can immediately integrate into your business helping to boost revenues for your business and best of all you can do it from anywhere.


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