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What You'll Learn In This Course

Repair Processes & Techniques

​You're going to learn the right way to repair any device on the market, from the hottest iPhone & Samsung Galaxy to everything in between.  Feel confident in your ability to complete the simplest to the most difficult repair, while avoiding breaking the devices you work on.

Simple & Advanced Diagnostics

Knowing which screws to twist is one thing, but being able to identify the nature of a problem by understanding the symptoms is a skill very few have in this industry.  This knowledge will prevent you from wasting time and money throwing parts at a problem because you'll know how to identify the root cause of the issue, from simple to advanced.

Tools & Equipment Needed, Plus Where To Get Them

​Discover what the right tools are for the job that you want accomplish.  You don't need every tool on the market to get things done.  Don't spend a time on any tools until you've learned the true tools-of-the-trade, plus where to get them at discounted prices.

Cell Phone Parts: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Not all replacement parts and components are made equal.  The biggest waste of money in repair businesses is buying junk parts and not being able to get your money back.  Stop the madness!  You're going to learn what all the components inside these devices are, how to identify quality replacements, and how to get them at wholesale costs from reliable suppliers.

The Business Of Cell Phone Repair

Master the 10 critical aspects of building a successful business.  You'll learn about pricing strategies, setting realistic profit targets, maximizing upsells, improving customer satisfaction, dealing with difficult customers, reducing repair fail rates and much more.

Our certification system makes it easy for you to complete your assignments and track your progress.


Training Was Priceless!

Brian Strom - Seattle, WA

The technical repair training was excellent, and the business training was priceless... What good is it if you're the best repair tech, but have no skills and knowledge on the business side especially dealing with customers? I'm a mobile business getting close to having a location. Thanks for all your support and updates along the way.

Cell Phone Repair Online Bootcamp Course Details

In this 40-hour course you'll learn everything you need to know about cell phone and tablet repair.  You'll learn basic Level 1 disassembly & reassembly repairs, intermediate Level 2 troubleshooting, and advanced Level 3 logic board repairs, micro-soldering, liquid damage recovery & board diagnostics.

Device Repair Essentials 

Lesson 1:  The Cell Phone Repair Industry
Lesson 2:  Understanding Mobile Networks
Lesson 3:  Operating System Fundamentals
Lesson 4:  Repair Tools & Equipment Essentials
Lesson 5:  Cell Phone & Tablet Components
Lesson 6:  ESD Awareness
Lesson 7:  Level 1 & 2 Repair Procedures
Lesson 8:  Troubleshooting Basics
Lesson 9:  Macro Inspections & Quality Control 

Advanced Troubleshooting

Lesson 1:  Intermediate DC Electronics
Lesson 2:  DC Electronic Circuits
Lesson 3:  Understanding Series Circuits
Lesson 4:  Logic Board Functional Areas
Lesson 5:  Diagnostic Equipment
Lesson 6:  Advanced Diagnostics
Lesson 7:  Diagnosing Working Devices
Lesson 8:  Diagnosing Non-Working Devices
Lesson 9:  Flowcharts for Troubleshooting 


Lesson 1:  Introduction To Soldering
Lesson 2:  Workmanship Quality Standards
Lesson 3:  Standard Form Soldering
Lesson 4:  Shrink Form Soldering
Lesson 5:  Jumpering
Lesson 6:  Contact Pad & Trace Repair 

LCD Refurbishing 

Lesson 1:  Cell Phone LCD Refurbishing
Lesson 2:  Touchscreen & Display Components
Lesson 3:  LCD Refurbishing Process
Lesson 4:  LCD Refurbishing Tools & Equipment
Lesson 5:  LOCA Usage & Application
Lesson 6:  OCA Processes & Procedures 
Lesson 7:  LCD Grading Criteria 

Gaming Console Repair

Lesson 1:  Gaming Consoles 101
Lesson 2:  Gaming Console Software
Lesson 3:  Software Error Tools & Reporting
Lesson 4:  Components & Functionality
Lesson 5:  Common Issues & Repairs
Lesson 6:  Teardown Primers

Repair Business LaunchPad 

Lesson 1:  The Profit Formula
Lesson 2:  Setting Pricing
Lesson 3:  Wholesale Parts Vendors
Lesson 4:  Business Model Selection
Lesson 5:  Marketing Strategies
Lesson 6:  Buy, Sell, Trade & Repair
Lesson 7:  Repair Business Success Blueprint 

What's Included


Jump-start your business right away with resources to find quality tools & equipment at the lowest available prices.

Not all tools are created equal!  Be sure to work with trusted suppliers and partners to protect your investment.


You're Never Alone.  

We 're here to support you.  

This class includes 90 days access to support forums, live online coaching, problem-solving flowcharts, and dozens of step-by-step device repair videos.  


Stay in the know and up-to-date with our on-going training and videos.  

You'll be up to speed on the latest device repairs, industry trends and repair business practices.  

It's like Netflix for cell phone repair!


You will earn digital badges you can display on your website, email signature, Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Plus receive frameable certificates  designating you as a Certified Cell Phone & Tablet Repair Technician.


Learn about  dozens of trusted wholesale suppliers for everything you need to start, run and grow your business.

From Parts & Tools, to everything in-between, we've got you covered!


This is  where you can celebrate your victories and where you can get an encouraging word when you need one.

Get better results because you’ll have the support of your fellow fixers backing you up.

How It Works

Our online class allows you to take each lesson at your own pace and repeat as many times as you need.

1st: Take The Online Classes

You'll start by taking the self-paced, online classes  and following along with the device repair videos.

2nd: Pass All The Tests

70% or better is required in order to pass the exams.

3rd: Earn Your Certifications

You'll receive frameable certificates and a digital badges to share on your social channels.

See It In Action...

Certification Courses

Step By Step Repair Videos

Coaching Sessions


Instant Access

You'll receive instant access to begin your training immediately after enrollment.

90 Days Unlimited Pass Access

3 months of complete access to the student Learning Management System (LMS).  Includes courses, device repair videos, flowcharts, live webinars and coaching sessions to keep you "in-the-know" of the latest repair tips, industry news and more...

  • 90 Days Access Included
  • Only $97 per month after the 3 month training period for continued access.  No-hassle, cancel anytime policy.

Certification Exams Included

You can take your Cellular Repair School course exams and receive Certificates with the designation "Certified Cell Phone & Tablet Repair Technician."

By successfully completing your exams, you will:

  • Have a record of your growth and learning results
  • Bring proof of your progress back to your organization
  • Earn credits toward industry certifications
  • Separate yourself from your competition in a major way!



(Normally $1,997)


- or -

​4 Payments of $299.25


  • 9 Core Classes
  • 87 Modules
  • Troubleshooting Flowchart Library
  • Device Teardown Video Library
  • Certification Exams
  • Displayable Badges

Cellular Repair School Is Different.

Sure there may be other "trainings"  that cover similar topics, but a Cellular Repair School certification is unique because it is built and taught by experts who run, operate and work in real repair businesses.

Our courses are real-world proven and challenging to complete.  We are here to prepare you to be one of the best cell phone repair technicians in the industry, period.  We hold ourselves to the same high standards and is why we are licensed by the Board of Education which means the certifications you earn with us are respected in the industry. 

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What Some Of Our Students Are Saying...

Heidi Large

Doug Manley

Andrew Podger

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "How will this certification help me?"

A:  This really depends on what you're goals are...

If you’re wanting to start your own cell phone repair business, this is the best way to learn the proper techniques, resources, vendors and skills to be successful by doing things the right way.​  You'll also learn what the right business model to start is based on your goals and resources.

If you own cell phone related a business, this certification is a great way to learn cell phone and tablet repair yourself to add as an extra income stream.​

If you're an employee, this certificate can make you worth more to your company, which is a great way to get that raise you probably already deserve.​

Q: "How valuable is this certification?"

A: If you really want to set yourself apart from your competition this certification is highly valuable.  However, the knowledge you’ll gain by completing this course and passing all the tests is more valuable than any certificate or badge. At the end of this course, YOU WILL KNOW CELL PHONE AND TABLET REPAIR.

Q: "What makes a diploma or certificate from CRS different than other training centers?"

A: Cellular Repair School is the only cell phone repair school licensed by the Board of Education.  This means your diploma or certificate actually means something! We teach the vendor-neutral industry standard, and are not trying to sell you over-priced parts or other things you might not need.  We care about your success!

Q: "How long do I have to finish the class and take the tests once I'm enrolled.

A: You can move at your own pace! We understand that life happens, and that just because you enroll today that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to finish (or even start) the class this week. When you enroll you get 3 months access to the online classes, repair videos and support.  If it takes you longer than 3 months, that's okay!  As long as you have your monthly membership of only $49.95 active, you can take as long as you need.

Q: "How long do I have to finish the program and receive my diploma?"

A: Take as long as you need.  You get 90 days access to complete the classes but as long as you have an active membership, you can review the classes and videos as long and as often as you want.

Q: "Am I guaranteed to get certified if I take the class?"

A: No.  A certification that can be purchased isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and isn't really preparing you for success. That's why our courses are challenging, you will have to earn your certificate by passing the course and exams.

Q: "How long do I have to finish the class and take the tests once I'm enrolled.

A: You can move at your own pace! We understand that life happens, and that just because you enroll today that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to finish (or even start) the class this week. When you enroll you get 3 months access to the online classes, repair videos and support.  If it takes you longer than 3 months, that's okay!  As long as you have your monthly membership active, you can take as long as you need.

Q: "How difficult are the tests?"

A: Our tests are based on the cell phone repair industry standards, which means that they are difficult enough that you need to actually know the material. They are not tricky or hard just to be hard, but are challenging enough that you shouldn’t expect to be able to pass just because you’ve taken other trainings or courses in the past that are not based on the repair industry standard. This training is different, and the exams will reflect those differences.

Q: "Will I learn where to get Parts & Tools?"

A: Yes! We give you all the wholesale suppliers for everything from tools and parts, and everything in between. Virtually everything you need to start, run or grow your business...whether yo want to start a small at home business or a multi-location franchise...we've got you covered!

Become A Certified Cell Phone Repair Technician Online Today!

Learn How To Repair Any Cell Phone or Tablet
From Your Own Home or Office, Even If You Don't Have Any Experience