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How To Motivate Your Employees And Keep Them Loyal To Your Cell Phone Repair Business!

Understanding how to do this is key to establishing a cell phone repair business that continues to thrive and grow once the customers and the work begins to consistently come in.

One of the biggest challenges for most start up cell phone repair shops is “How do I keep my employees”? More specifically my technicians, my sales representatives, my inventory managers… etc.

The greatest challenge Cellular Repair School tends to see with most repair businesses is the inability to keep competent/skilled employees.   And the question is often how can I do this more effectively. Especially when considering the investment in both the time and money it takes to train for the positions.

The learning/training curve for an above average employee in a cell phone repair business can be steep. It could take 3-6 months before a technician/manager is comfortable with the many variables this business brings. There’s repairs, customer service, inventory, all of which take time in gaining the knowledge to be comfortable in the repair atmosphere.

We’ve found this is the most challenging part to most cell phone repair facilities that require more that one technician and possibly a sale representative or a manager.

In the video below William P. Agnew, Director at Cellular Repair School talks about how choosing the right employee for your cell phone repair business can make this process much easier.

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  1. very interested in learning how to make a small business, from home.
    I like to explore that field could be fun. please send information and all there cost involved

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