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How important is knowing how to solder in your cell phone repair business? This is a question we seem to get very often.

In today’s world of “smartphones”; undoubtedly the most common repair is going to be glass or lens repair, due to the fact a large percentage of the actual device is made of glass.

So there’s no surprise when 60% of your mobile repairs figure to be lens or glass replacements. But for those not capitalizing on the remaining 40%, most are likely missing out on much of that potential income due to not knowing how to properly solder these mobile devices.

Cell phone soldering repair and tablet soldering repair aren’t easy skills to learn, but like any other challenging skill, it’s nothing a little practice, practice, practice can’t solve. It’s important to understand that component replacement such as charging ports, headphone jacks, switches, sim trays, battery terminal, flex connectors…etc can generate thousands of dollars to your cell phone repair business revenues each month.

In today’s video, we show you an example of how understanding the skill of soldering can make a huge difference in your profit. In this video “iPad Mini” glass replacement, there is a connector on the new digitizer that can be transferred from to old glass to the new via soldering which will save you a great deal of money in cost as compared to buying the new glass with the connector already attached.

Just one of many examples how soldering can be utilized in the cellular repair industry.

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Another example of knowing how to holder making a difference in your profit….

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  1. Thanks William,

    Good to see the approach on this repair and I plan to give it a go the next time an iPad Mini comes in. I have been paying extra for pre soldered digitizers since it looked like a challenge greater than I my soldering skills.


    1. Absolutely David, no problem…you can also use this technique on the home button replacement for the iPad Mini …

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