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Cellular Repair School Training In St. Lucia

St Lucia #3
Cellular Repair School has gone global!

Recently we had the opportunity to train an exceptional group of highly skilled technicians in Castries, St. Lucia.

The experience was one that will be long remembered; and during that training CRS had an opportunity to build some lasting relationships with locals of St. Lucia.

From the time of our arrival, throughout training, and until our departure we were treated with so much love and respect.

CRS would like to send a special thanks to the entire team at both Cellestial and “The Cell” located in Castries, the capital and largest city of the Caribbean Country St Lucia, that has a population of 10,634.

It is a wonderful vacation location and the people of St. Lucia are some of the most beautiful and genuine people we’ve ever met.

Cellular Repair School created a short video to share a small bit of our training experience in St.Lucia; and again we would like to thank everyone who participated in making this opportunity a success.

We congratulate all of the trainees on a very successful week of training and we look forward to the continued service of these technicians as part of their mobile repair education.

Cellular Repair School,
William P. Agnew
Director of Education

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