Cellular Repair School Interviews A New Cell Phone Technician – Cellular Repair School

Cellular Repair School Interviews A New Cell Phone Technician


Today Celllular Repair School interviews Dillon who’s relatively new to the cellular repair industry and has been working as a full time cellular repair technician for 7 months for GearVana.

He gives us some insight into his early stages and experience as a cellular repair technician.

Dillon speaks on how his position doesn’t only require the ability to remove and replace or repair broken cellular parts, but also the ability to communicate and connect with people, which is a huge part of why why Dillon loves what he does.

We are curious…

Have you ever experienced customer service that made you go WOW as a customer ..

Leave a comment below and share your story or give some examples of companies that do a great job at doing this.

The more detail you can share the better. This is the best way for our entire community ti benefit from our collective knowledge.

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