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There was a period of time when if you had a problem with your cell phone you could just throw it away and get another.  With the advances in technology and consumer demand most cell phones are now “Smart Phones,” and these phones are not cheap to replace!  Combine that with a carrier that is not usually willing to replace or even repair their customers’ device, in addition to typically forcing an extended wireless plan contract, and an opportunity is born.  The slowing economy is creating a savvy consumer that is more apt to Recycle and Re-use their device instead of willingly shelling out several hundred dollars for a new cell phone, iPod or Gaming Console.  Realistically, not many consumers want to go through a steep learning curve just to learn another device.

This has created a once in a lifetime opportunity for a new or experienced entrepreneurs who can spot an opportunity when they see it.  If you currently own a business in the Wireless, Entertainment, or Gaming Industries or if you’ve never owned a business before…getting the right training can propel your success and boost your income stream substantially!

Everything You Need…

Cellular Repair School is a one stop destination to spring board you into this young and limitless industry.  We offer everything you need to know to be successful in your own Cell Phone and Gaming Repair business.  Our courses are developed to provide you with mastery of the skills you will need via hands-on application and real interaction with our trainers.

The DifferenceCell Phone Repair Opportunity is Support

Why are franchises such a popular business model?  The simple answer is Systems, Training and Support.  We show you the how, when, what, where and why to help you successfully run and manage your repair business without having to pay any ongoing royalties or franchise fees!  Not only do you learn the necessary skills to handle most repairs, we provide you with world class support unseen in this industry.  You will have 24 hour access to training videos, bulletin boards to share knowledge and learn from others, and access to vendor information and parts/supply pricing not available anywhere else!  When you are new to a business or have questions, sometimes you need to be able to lean on someone with more experience to give you guidance and direction.  That’s what Cellular Repair School provides you in addition to the unmatched quality training.  We will constantly be updating you to industry changes and trends to keep you and your business on the cutting edge and to out maneuver the competition!

You Don’t Have to Be In This By Yourself!

Our technical and business instructors will provide you with the knowledge and resources necessary to excel in this industry.  You will be equipped with the most current and applicable repair techniques to handle virtually any repair and the business knowledge to ensure that you are profitable on every repair that you do.  You will be kept up to date to industry trends as well as tips and tricks to keep your business running like a well oiled machine and provide you peace of mind while earning maximum potential profitability.

Multiple Streams of Income!

Don’t pigeon-hole yourself by learning limited skills in just one industry.  By enrolling in the comprehensive training packages that Cellular Repair School offers you will be able to earn income from multiple industries and know that your business will not become dated or yesterday’s memory as technology advances.  Don’t mistakenly think that learning skills in one industry automatically means you will have the “know how” to be successful in another industry!  There are many significant differences and although some basic skills are universal, you still need the specific knowledge to attain the success that you deserve.  As the old adage goes, “You can’t successfully hunt an elephant with a Pellet gun!”



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