As most of you following us know, we’ve been killing the competition in the Cell Phone Repair Training industry with our breakthrough  methods, systems and support.  It’s always amazing for us to hear how some of our students actually attended the competitors training prior to coming to Cellular Repair School but still felt they needed additional training because there were so many holes in the knowledge that they had.  Bottom line, they just didn’t feel comfortable with the little information they left the other so called “training” with.  We always hate to hear this and it simply reinforces the founding principles of CRS…this is why Cellular Repair School was created.

The difference in not only knowledge gained during your time receiving Cell Phone Repair Training, but also learning the true Nuts & Bolts of operating a repair business and our industry first true 24/7 support system really separates the “Wheat from the Chaff” as they say.  Receiving proper training is a major step for someone looking to add repairs to their existing business for expansion or to a new startup company.  Do not jeopardize your future, or slow down the rate at which you could progress by making the wrong choice in your training provider.  It does make a difference and Cellular Repair School is committed to making sure that every one of our students receives the knowledge they need to succeed.  Plain and simple.

If you are serious about learning Cell Phone Repair Training, Game Console Repair Training, iPhone Repair Training, iPod Repair Training, and proper business operational instructions…the choice is clear….Cellular Repair Schools!

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