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We’ve talked once about how important knowing how to solder in the cell phone repair business is.

There is lots of opportunity to repair and rework cell phones using advanced level soldering.

The problem is there has never been an industry standard created for cell phones specifically concerning soldering. So many training facilities use very prehistoric ways of soldering cellular devices.

One example would be the use of heat guns. The problem with using tools such as a heat gun, is the temperature is uncontrollable allowing parts of your board to overheat unnecessarily. Causing a very high risk of irreversible damage to the board or other components.

Soldering properly is about using the proper techniques, tools, and heat application to lower your risk of damage and increasing your percentage of successful cell phone soldering.

Like we said before, cell phone soldering repair isn’t an easy skill to learn, but the difference with Cellular Repair School is our instructors teach you how to do it right.

In today’s video, we show you an “how to” example of a Mini USB port. There are many consumer electronic devices that use Mini USB charging ports. Samsung Galaxy and Kindle Fires just to name a few. So knowing how to remove and replace components such as SMD connectors, charging ports, switches…etc, can generate allot of revenue for your cell phone repair business. And it can be done more successfully, with less risk.

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