There is so much bad information circulating about starting your own cell phone repair business so lets start by addressing the myth that starting your own cell phone repair business is an easy business to start without the proper training.

The problem with believing the cell phone repair business can be done without the proper training is there are so many things many newbies to the industry don’t take into consideration.

From the outset the cell phone repair business looks like a simple business to do.  Everyone and their mother can see the potential in servicing people who need this service.   Especially  considering 85% of Americans over the age of 12 have some type of wireless device.  But the fact is, just learning how to fix a  cell phone is not going to give you the majority of what you need to successfully be profitable in this business.

At Cellular Repair School we consistently educate our potential and current students on the many important parts of successfully running a cell phone repair business. Knowing how to repair a cell phone seems like a very important part, and it most definitely is, but so is cell phone parts inventory, cell phone part suppliers, cell phone pos systems, effective customer service…and so much more.

Unfortunately many  cell phone training centers aren’t teaching these very important pieces of the cell phone repair business in their cell phone training classes.

Everyone is always looking for that business that will give them a wonderful return and if cell phone repair is what you are looking into, then you have come to the right place.  At Cellular Repair School we focus on really teaching you how to run a profitable repair business along with giving you all the tools, information, resources and support to maximize your money making potential.

Support is a huge part of our Alumni experience. At Cellular Repair School we realize there are thousands of cell phones on the market and it’s virtually impossible to learn thousands of phones in five days of training.  So what we have created is the worlds only back end cell phone training support system.  We refer to this as our extended training  cell phone repair support system and it is constantly updated which gives you the ability to get extended support from our Cellular Repair School staff.  Sign up today to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. No one takes more pride in training their alumni than Cellular Repair School.

If you have struggled with running a successful cell phone repair business and you need to understand the in’s and out’s of the business, let Cellular Repair School help you maximize your ability create an incredible income stream for you and your family.

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