giving-back.jpgWe had the pleasure to present our cell phone repair training programs to the Aga Khan Economic Planning Board last weekend and it was really enlightening.  If you’re not familiar with Aga Khan, they schedule Vocational Fairs and have community programs to help their members further their education and improve their earning potential.  It was awesome to see the community at work helping its members further their skill sets by providing training and new opportunities.  Their motto is “A chance to improve your life by learning and earning more through short course training.”  Given the hard economic times and high unemployment levels we are facing, it was really moving to see a group come together and provide opportunities to their members.

We were VERY well received and we have gotten a large amount of requests to attend cell phone repair training and learn more about our industry.  Our message of “Become your own boss by learning cell phone repair” and “Own your own cell phone repair business” seemed to strike a nerve in many members and stir up a lot of emotion and excitement.  We would like to thank all the Jamati members for giving us the opportunity to present our school and message and we look forward to creating many new cell phone repair entrepreneurs in partnering with Aga Khan.

This whole experience really got us thinking about how we can give back to the community as well.  We have a couple of really exciting ideas we’re cooking up, but we’re open to suggestions also.  If you can think of creative ways for CRS to give back to the community drop us your ideas, we’d love to hear them!



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