The Cell Phone Repair Business 10 Commandments Of Success

Today we are going to be talking about what it takes to be successful in the Cell Phone Repair business and more specifically we are going to be giving you what we refer to as the 10 commandments of success as it relates to the Cell Phone Phone Repair industry.

Now, there are obviously more than ten things you need to do to be successful in this cell phone repair business, but these are the most important things we’ve found that are going to give you the best chance in ensuring that you will be successful in starting you own cell phone repair business.  These are things that we want to make sure you model your business after.  Here at Cellular Repair School we understand that understanding the key concepts is just as important as anything else when beginning your cell phone repair business start up.


When it comes to starting your cell phone repair business, you don’t want to take to much time starting up and opening business to service your cell phone repair customer.  Speed of implementation is very important and many people get caught in what is known as “Analysis Paralysis”.  Especially when training or preparing to get started. Cell phone repair training is very important, but once you understand the very important part training is going to give you, its just as important to take action implementing that information as soon as you possible can.  Much of what you need to learn is “OJT” on the job training.  This is also where Cellular Repair School is going to assist you in any start up assistance you need. As an alumni we are dedicated to assisting you with all of your start up and continuous support needs.


Some of the best advice, ideas, or plans we’ve ever developed came because we look at what other successful people are doing.  There is a saying that goes…” success copies success”.  When starting your cell phone repair business, one of the best things you can do is model someone who is having the success you want to have.  This is one of the main reasons why at Cellular Repair School we send all of our students on a complete tour of a fully functioning local cell phone repair facility to help them model and gain clarity on what they want their business to be like. We also offer a week long internship working in a cell phone repair facility that’s going to give even more insight and clarity into their start up. Modeling the best is going to help you understand exactly what you need to do to garner the same success.  There is really no need to reinvent the wheel.


Many people fail to understand the significance of systems and atomization and how important it is to the bottom line of your business.  In this cell phone repair business you should systematize everything.  How you’re handling incoming calls, how your customers are handled as soon as they walk through the door, how you manage your inventory…etc. You should systematize every part of your cell phone repair business.  This is going to make your cellular repair business easier to manage which is going you increase your productivity and increase your gross sales.


You should always be listening to anyone your servicing in your cell phone repair business.  This includes your employees, other staff members, vendors, and suppliers.  This is going to allow you to adjust to issues that may be impacting the bottom line of your business and the better you listen the quicker you can identify these potential problems.


This means to know your customer. Know exactly what type of customer you are going to be servicing. In the cell phone repair industry there are different types of paying customers and it’s very important for you to know if you are offering the right product or service to your customer.  This also involves knowing who you are hiring for your  cell phone business culture.


Create and environment where you are specifically and purposely creating a point of contact for your customer. Where this is important is when things aren’t ideal in the cell phone repair process. Having multiple points of contact with your customer is going to create a better relationship and customer experience which again is going to help you business productivity.


Actions speak so much louder than words. Your customer is going to remember having that great customer service experience.  When your customers have a great experiences, they share them and that’s going to help you build you cell phone business customer base.


Typically the faster you can do things without sacrificing to much quality, the better results you are going to have.  This could be the though put time of your repairs or the speed at which you communicate bad news to you customers.  In any case, speed and productivity go hand and hand and the better you can provide that the more money you are going to make.


This goes back to giving your customer a great customer experience.  Take the time to educate and share knowledge with your customer.  This will be very much appreciated by the majority of your customers and they will remember that customer experience and maybe even share that experience with many others.


Everything we’ve talked about is wrapped into #1.  Customer service indeed trumps all in your cell phone repair business.