Great inspiration, motivation & training

Having made the plans to enter the world of mobile gadget repair, we selected Cellular Repair School based on curriculum, timing, pricing and testimonies. My soon-to-be wife and I dove in. On the first day, on the way to the class, we got coffee at Dunkin' Doughnuts, which I immediately spilled on the both of us. Great start. However it did get a whole lot better.

William, the instructor has a winning attitude and great compassion for newbies - for which we qualified. Having sat in the back of the training room we felt like we could not participate based on our seating but William brought us together and worked directly with each. He made us feel at home, far away, and took the time & energy to work with those truly qualified and beginning in their journey in mobile repair. In addition, having the tools for purchase along with the supporting network from technicians sealed the deal on making this school the right school for mobile repair.

Terry Ballantini Normal, IL

Great instruction!

My CRS experience has been insightful and delightful. Great instruction and my training has been great!

I'm looking forward to a great earning experience...

Tyrone Thurman Portland, OR

Love it!! And I have made a lot of money!

Enjoying using the online tools and learning so much about the architecture and inner workings of electronics. It will go a long way in my learning electronics and starting my own business. I would recommend Cellular repair school to anyone...

Awesome class. Very knowledgeable about the cell phone industry, and I have made a lot of money. Thanks Cellular Repair School!

Ernest Burgs Memphis, TN

Next Level Computer, Cell Phone & Electronic Solutions

The training course was interactive, fun, informative, easy to understand and very comprehensive. I loved the online videos that were very descriptive.

I have already applied what I have learned, and am in a great position to maximize what I have learned into a business with GREAT earning potential.

David Bayduza Saskatchewan, Canada

Valuable hands-on training with expert assistance!

Technical information gained in training with CRS has given me an insight and an understanding on repairing devices and cell phone design. Level III gave me the skills and confidence necessary for soldering. The business information discussed was an added benefit! Both instructors were thorough, very informative and answered and discussed any question that arose.

Angela Bradley Port Angeles, WA

Clear & easy to remember instruction

The instructors give instruction in a way that is easy to learn and retain what we have been taught. They have a well thought out lesson plan that works great.

I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in this type of business.

Jerry Wallace Brownwood,TX

Money well spent!

The training was very informative, well planned and delivered.

I had no prior experience repairing cell phones and now I have the knowledge to move forward in this new venture.

The practical training was hands on, the equipment and facilities were excellent.

Instructional videos are provided with training and as follow up for review purposes.

Overall money well spent!

Michelle Plewes Barrie, Canada

Recipe for success!!!

I really enjoyed the training and overall experience. I also look forward to utilizing the lifetime online student support!

Taju Dahniya Houston, TX

Training Was Priceless!

The technical repair training was excellent, and the business training was priceless... What good is it if you're the best repair tech, but have no skills and knowledge on the business side especially dealing with customers? I'm a mobile business getting close to having a location. Thanks for all your support and updates along the way.

Brian Strom Seattle, WA

Helped me gain confidence in my soldering skills...

I learned a lot about what I was doing wrong when it came to soldering. Now I know how to approach repairing board level components and I just repaired an iPod Touch 4th gen charging port on my own for a customer. Being able to do this will put me ahead of the competition. This was a very helpful and useful class!

Corlene Ray Kokomo, IN

I learned so much in your training course. Excellent teachers!

I enjoyed the training very much. I currently am still only working on friends and family phones as referrals. I have 2 other businesses and I want to get more comfortable before I open my doors to the public.

Maria Bergman Kennewick, WA

Five star experience!

Very comprehensive training in technical techniques and good business practices. Cellular Repair School preps you to begin your career in the cell phone repair business by sharing the fundamentals of actual successful operating stores.

In this continually changing business, it is very important to learn from the people who have tested the industry and developed these techniques that will get you a leg up on your competition!

I'm very glad I made the choice to come to Cellular Repair School and I'll most certainly be back with my employees, to take advantage of the other classes they offer. The instructors are knowledgeable in all aspects of the business and I could not have made a better choice! Thank you Cellular Repair School!

Mark Belanger Londonderry,NH

Very Excellent Training

This training answered all my questions regarding repairs for beginners, intermediate and expert level. We also learned about how to build the business and how to put in place marketing campaigns. I really feel that now I have all the keys to start my own business. I really recommend this course for anyone.

Cedric Madianga France

Wow!!! A great learning experience

I was impressed with the level of professionalism and the high quality of training that I received. It was way more than I expected. I got back to town and set up my repair store. Within a month, I was so backed up, I had to hire another tech to help me out.

I just set up another work station so we can both work at the same time. This is all without advertising.
Thank you for the support videos. We use them every time we need a little refresher.

Chuck Parsons Pittsburg, KS

Awesome Online Class!

I can't believe how much I learned in this online course, simply fantastic class! Actually, you should be charging a lot more $$!! I initially thought it was going to be really difficult to learn this technical skill online, but didn't have the money to actually visit the campus. I knew CRS was the school I wanted to attend, so that left me little choice. I dove in headfirst. I really like the option to go take the on-campus class if I need to in the future for only the price difference, but I have to say this online class was VERY WELL PUT TOGETHER! Tons and tons of information in a well laid out, easy to follow format and simply fantastic support. Keep up the good work guys!

Jason Strothers Chicago, IL

Very informative! Positive experience

I really learned a lot through the schooling, and I have been busy in this business since day one!

Money well spent I must say ! Thanks guys

Jeremy l Oakman McConnellsburg, PA

I can't say enough good stuff!

Mind melt down by the end of the week, so much information! I truly know I'm prepared to tackle this business thanks to Cellular Repair School. Thanks to the CRS team for helping me chase my dreams. Oh and don't worry, I won't be melting any customer phones the way I did in class lol!

Ruben Ortega Sarasota, FL

Thoroughly enjoyed my training!

I thoroughly enjoyed my training! It was very informative and the instructor was experienced and great!!!!! I thoroughly recommend this class...

Richard Alberto Beaumont, TX

Exactly What I Wanted

This was a great course for getting into cell phone repair. There is a lot that comes with it, but their course goes over soldering, console repair, and phone repair.

This is a huge market and great for people with a technical interest in repairing phones. I'm learning new stuff every day thanks to Cellular Repair School offering great videos and continuing classes to help aid my understanding.

Nathaniel Cleveland Mesa, AZ

I finally found you guys...

Over the last year I have been looking into repairing game consoles, cellphones, and tablets. I have found some videos I paid for and attempted to repair some games consoles with success. However, I like to be well versed when I speak to my customers, gaining there confidence in me to do the job.

I am a one man operation who is approaching 10yrs in business in this economically depressed rural area. I find that smartphones and tablets are taking away from my business. I have people now coming to my shop asking do I repair crack screens and charging ports. I know there are hundreds of gaming consoles broken.

This course given me the confidence I need to tackle these repair issues by talking the talk and walking the walk, just like the inception of the laptop did when entering my shop back in 2006.

I am happy I found you or should I say you found me.

Btw, when I fall behind in my studies, I appreciate the email every morning you send alerting me to keep up to speed.

Thanks for making this a professional investment.

Mosquada Walls West Memphis, AR

Best Online Investment I've EVER Made.

After extensive searching for repair training, Cellular Repair School has indeed surpassed my expectations and has yielded a great Return on Investment. I've learned a great deal and followed many of their suggestions. The online course was very convenient especially since I am not in the vicinity of the school. The information given is a fundamental need that all technicians require in order to be successful in this field. Furthermore, the forum is a great collaborative area where both alumni and teachers discuss various issues and share different approaches to different situations.

Thank you guys for having a such a program!!

Michael Brown Nassau, Bahamas

Learned A Lot

Chaplain and the rest of the staff were very knowledgeable in the repair and business side of cell/gaming/and other small electronic devices. Even though I am not starting my own company, it helps to know about ordering and price fluctuation of replacement parts. Learned a lot!

Thank you!!

Mike Ost Ellendale, ND

Easy to follow, comprehensive material, go at my pace

Thank you for these courses! So glad I could do it online and not have to travel.

Christi Barton Las Vegas, NV

Bringing together competence and confidence

Before going to the school I had been learning to repair phones via Youtube. I had no formal training and didn't know whether or not my abilities were up to scratch to go into business.

Thanks to the school I was able to improve previously learned skills, learn new approaches to repairs and understand in more depth the cellular repair market. Also with the online training system available through the school I'm still learning and growing and will no doubt make my business a success in the UK.

Luke Grimshaw United Kingdom

One word - Awesome

The course was very informative and educational. The instructor was very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend it to any interested in being instructed in the correct repair techniques.

Altonique Saunders Nassau, Bahamas

I found the training I undertook with you awesome

The course was very extensive and involved, yet I feel the way we were shown how to undertake all the practical work was great. I felt that the teacher Chaplain was very patient and gave us the chance to gain the required skills at our own individual pace .

I've traveled all the way from Australia - twice now, this is my second course with CRS, and I would happily recommend this to any one that has the drive and passion for this industry.

Shaun Casey NSW Australia