Every month Cellular Repair School highlights one of our brightest cell phone repair students/business owners in the industry. This months spotlight goes to the owner of CellPhix Electronics Repair located in Londonderry, New Hampshire – Mark Belanger.

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Cellular Repair School:
Q: Tell us a little about your background prior to mobile device repair Mark. Was it at all technology-related?

CellPhix Electronics:
A: Since the mid 80’s I’ve been working in a technical aspect. I began school to become an electrician and in 1989 received my Journeyman’s Electrician Licence and then went on to acquire my Master Electrician’s license which I earned shortly after. Once in the electrical field full time, I operated my own company called Belanger Associates Electrical Services.

I began to diversify in the early 90’s and got into the world of Home and Business Security and Fire Alarms. I went to work for two other companies while I mastered the industry and once again started my own security company called “B Secure” , which I still operate today. That company specializes in Home and Business Security, Surveillance, and Home Automation.


Cellular Repair School:
Q: Do you remember the first day you opened for business? What was going through your head?

CellPhix Electronics:
A: I can remember the weeks leading up to the first day of Business with Cellphix and being extremely excited and eager to jump into a whole new realm of technology, far different than to what I have been accustomed! The first day open was that of sheer fright! OMG, I am actually going to attempt to fix someones phone… and act like I’ve been doing it for years! Will I break it more… What If I get something I’ve never attempted before.. what if they want to wait!

When my first customer came to me with an iPhone 4s, I breathed a huge sigh of relief as the ice had been broken and I actually fixed it in short order! From there my confidence built with every walk in. I’ve certainly met some challenges and some fails, but in the end of each challenge, I’ve learned some very valuable lessons and know how to approach the next one with hopefully a more successful first attempt.

CellPhix & Cellular Repair School

Cellular Repair School:
Q: CellPhix cellphone repairs is a relatively young business; how has business been since your grand opening? When did everything start to click for you?

CellPhix Electronics:
I think I’m still waiting for the click. Marketing remains tough with several competitors nearby. My location is far from perfect but not bad. More visibility would certainly help. My latest endeavor is to jump past the norm here in NH and Boston areas and go Mobile!

My new vehicle will allow me to bring my entire operation on the road and I’m in the process of setting it up now complete with a 2500 watt inverter to power all my necessary tools and a 48” workbench built right into the vehicle. An eye catching full vehicle wrap is in the works as well boasting on the spot mobile repair.


Cellular Repair School:
Q: What has been your biggest challenges opening your own repair shop?

CellPhix Electronics:
A: The biggest challenges by far have been people with devices I’ve never attempted prior and estimating costs for those repairs blind with no prior experience! The videos available at Cellular Repair School have been a BIG help in jumping into quite a few new devices!

Another big challenge is to remain competitive with the other shops in the area. It seems someone is always advertising for less. i’m working on building good relationships with customers and eventually with time will be the key to future trust and success and not price alone. Continuity in work load is a huge challenge. There are days that the door seems revolving and then there are days that I have to check and see if it’s locked and people can’t get in! That’s probably the most tedious being a new developing company. Everything will come with time.


Cellular Repair School:
Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment opening your own repair shop?

CellPhix Electronics:
A: The idea and execution of developing the mobile concept for my company has been my greatest accomplishment to date. It will set me apart from all competition locally and marketing that will be exciting and hopefully more lucrative than waiting for customers to walk through the door.


Cellular Repair School:
Q: How Do You Feel About The Repair Industry And What Do You Think The Future Holds For This Industry…and How Do You Plan On Adapting To The Changes?

CellPhix Electronics:
A:I think the repair industry is still in it’s infancy and though there are many repair shops out there, the ones with the most versatility and diversity will be the ones that remain in an ever expanding market. iPhones are easy… The mobile aspect once again I see as an area that is ripe for short term development and I’m jumping into that headfirst!

There is nothing better than presenting a customer with a new looking perfectly functioning device! Peoples phones and tablets are their connection to the rest of the world more than any other device out there. Becoming far more popular than PC’s or macs. People can do anything on their phone just as easy if not easier than on their computer. Take that away from them?… not good. They want it fixed.. NOW. I can do that!

At Cellphix, we offer repairs on most any electronic gadgets out there. All brands of phones, tablets, game consoles, Musical gear such as amplifiers and keyboards. We’ve even done some quite large televisions.

The tools I value most are my soldering and hot air stations, my microscope and my hand tool kit… and my glasses! learning to effectively use the air and solder stations has been challenging as well, but with practice is getting far easier. I’d like to get back to the advanced solder class that Cellular Repair School offers. I think that would be a very worthwhile venture! .. the glass separation class too!! Being new to the industry, I like to take my time with new devices, but the ones I have the most practice with can be done in thirty minutes to an hour.


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