This is a question we often get from our potential cell phone repair students who haven’t yet made the decision to get into the cell phone repair business. The cell phone repair business can be done effectively in each model, but there are pros and cons to each.

There are a couple of questions you can ask yourself to help clarify which model may be best for you at start up time.  The first questions you should begin to ask yourself is …

1. How much capital am I working with?

If you aren’t working with enough capital to open a retail cell phone repair shop business location, then initially you may have to take that option off the table. Your mobile and home base is going to take the least amount of money in regards to initial upfront investment.  Capital however; may not be the only reason you choose to go with a different model other than retail.

Another question you want to ask yourself is …

2. Am I going to commit to doing this cell phone repair business full time?

If you are looking to do this as a means to generate some supplemental income or as a side job, and not able to commit fully at the time of starting your cell phone repair business,  you probably don’t want to go into the retail model initially, as the retail model is very time demanding. This model deserves and needs a full time commitment to properly service your customers.

If a mobile cell phone repair service interest you, there is allot of potential here.  There are many businesses and employees of businesses who have difficulty finding time to go to a repair shop, and offering a service where you remove that inconvenience for those customers is huge.  Again, the benefit to this model is the lack of the overhead monthly cost a retail model has. What’s also good about this model, is you may be able to charge a little extra fee for convenience.   Many people are willing to pay a little extra for convenience, it’s the reason things like valet parking still exist.

The home based model is also a model we’ve seen many people use to begin in this industry.  This is a great way to grow your revenue and customer base to a point that you are able to get into the mobile or retail model.  With that said, lets be clear, the retail model is going to give you the best result in regards to money being made and it has many advantages in regards to servicing your customers that the other models can’t capitalize on but the fact of the matter is, the make money in the cellular repair industry, there are many ways to approach this business and at Cellular Repair School we help you understand how to capitalize and grow your busies from any level.

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