Season 2, Episode 01: Industry Outlook 2024

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This episode of The Wireless Insiders: Ask Will+Josh is from a webinar by William Agnew and Joshua Gray from Cellular Repair School. They provide background on their experience starting in the cell phone device repair business in 2008, initially in retail stores and then expanding to enterprise contracts. They stepped back from training for several years to focus on a large LCD refurbishing contract with a major US carrier and learn the enterprise side of the repair business. 

Now they see huge opportunity with increasing e-waste regulations and demand for affordable used devices, but there is a skills gap. So they have developed a virtual training system to provide verified skills and give students a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This episode covers the industry outlook, difficulties and problems hiring qualified staff, the importance of skills verification & validation, and introducing their new online program focused on advanced diagnostic and board-level repair skills which will help students capitalize on the growing market.

AskWill+Josh Season 2, 001 EPISODE SUMMARY:

Stepping Up Your Game in Phone Repair

Hey there, Joshua from the “Ask Will and Josh: The Wireless Insiders” podcast. We just had a chat about the phone repair world, and it’s pretty clear that if you want to make a name for yourself, it’s not enough to just be good—you’ve got to show you’re good. This industry is changing fast, and it’s all about diving into tech that gets more complex every day.

Skills That Set You Apart

In the repair game, saying you’re good isn’t enough. You need solid skills—skills that have been checked, proven, and recognized. That’s where Cellular Repair School comes in. We don’t just teach you; we make sure you can show the world you’ve got what it takes. This makes a huge difference to employers and gives you the confidence to stand tall in what you do.

From Small Shops to Big Time

Our journey from working in small shops to landing big contracts, like our first deal with a major US carrier, was a major leap. This big step taught us something important: going big requires learning new skills and really understanding the tech world—stuff you only learn by getting your hands dirty and doing the work.

More Than a School: A Community for Growth

Cellular Repair School is more than just a place to learn. We’re a community designed to push everyone in the phone repair industry forward. Whether you’re starting out on your own, running a shop, or teaching others, we’re here for you. Our platform supports your growth at every stage.

The Future Is Knocking: Get Ready

Let’s be real—the future of tech is here, and it’s packed with opportunities for those who are ready to step up. With tech getting more advanced, there’s a big need for repair techs who know their stuff, especially those with a mobile repair certification. We’re here to get you ready with courses and coaching programs that prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow’s tech, with a focus on having those verified and validated skills that are so crucial.

Your Next Move

What’s your plan? If you’re pumped to dive into the tech world and stand out, now’s your chance. The industry is ripe for the taking, and with the advanced training from Cellular Repair School leading to a mobile repair certification, you’re on your way to success. We emphasize the importance of having skills that are not just learned but also proven and recognized, setting you up for real achievements. Whether it’s mastering complex repairs or staying on top of the latest gadgets, we’re with you every step of the way.

Our latest podcast episode wasn’t just another conversation; it was a call to action for anyone ready to make their mark in the evolving world of wireless repair. At Cellular Repair School, we’re more than educators; we’re your allies, ready to equip you with the verifiable and validated skills you need to shine. Ready to make a difference? Let’s hit the ground running.

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