WillmoreI’m Justin Willmore. I live in northern Utah and currently serve on temporary orders for the Utah Air National Guard. I’m a Junior Enlisted service member with 4 years of service and have deployed 6 times outside the U.S. I’m an Intelligence Analyst who specializes in communications and signals. I’ve always had a passion for communications technologies and personal electronics. This passion brought me to find your website and learn so much about your school this last year. For the past year, I’ve been trying to find several ways that I could afford to attend your training and make a career for myself outside the military.

I enjoy the work that I do in the military but because I’m only in a temporary status with my unit I have a higher deployment rate and my employment is uncertain each year. My deployments keep me away from my family and makes going to school difficult. Having the training to start my own business would help me transition from my full-time orders and allow me to enroll again in college. Spending time with my growing family is always a plus.

I know I’d make a great candidate for this scholarship program because my proven drive in the military would transfer into a drive to start my own business. I have the passion for technology. Not just for breaking news and gadgets but I would love to someday be a leading pioneer in communications technologies. I know the Cellular Repair school and this scholarship would be the opportunity I would need to jump-start that dream.

Even after being graduated from high school for over 8 years, I’ve never forgotten that my passion for electronics and technology started when I was in high school. I had teachers who opened my eyes to the world of the internet and world-wide communications. I would give back to my community by volunteering time at local schools and show students basic repairs for cell phones (Which we all know students carry with them everywhere). I would also teach them my understanding of world communications that I’ve learned with my time in the military. I know this type of service would light a spark in students’ minds to think of our modern communications as a way to bring ideas and knowledge together. You never know if you have another Steve Jobs or Amos E. Joel Jr. in the classroom and you only need to get them excited about technology to inspire them.

Thank you for giving back to us and offering a great chance to learn skills that keep the American Dream alive.




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