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Today on Q & A Tuesday,

William Agnew [Dean and Director of Education] at Cellular Repair School answers a very important question surrounding “NET PROFITS”. How to increase your cell phone repair business net profits.

Understanding the “Cut Cost Mode” mindset makes a huge impact in what your business is going to net each and every month. Net meaning, the total revenue you have left after all operational expenses are paid each month.

This includes, utility expenses, cost of goods, labor etc. “Cut cost mode” is a very important mindset to any cell phone repair business, but we never want to sacrifice tpt [through put time] or quality of service to achieve it, there in lies the challenge.

We are curious…

Share with us your cost cutting experience and how it changed your business ..

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  1. Good discussion William, Thanks for keeping us in the loop on these topics and thanks again for the great cell phone repair foundation, we have had steady growth since opening in January 2013 and use your training daily.

    I had a couple questions:

    I just read that Apple may be offering screen repair for the iPhone 5 for $149 and this means that we need to get iPhone 5 LCD/Digitizers for less to be profitable. I am thinking of ordering in volume to help drive down the cost. Do you know of any wholesale companies in China that offer volume discounts on OEM that others have had success ordering from?

    Also, I may be hiring a tech this summer to focus on business development and wanted to know what the cost would be to send them to your training.

    David Lang

    1. Hi David,

      Glad to hear about the success…steady growth is what you want”’

      In regards to ordering from China…the risk outweighs the reward. We always advise our student to order local. There are a number of good wholesale suppliers right here in the states … and with them it’s going to be allot easier to manage your inventory and do business with those suppliers.

      In regards to hiring a tech this summer to focus on business development… the 5 days training CTT is what you would want to send him to..and you can find the price for that class right here..

  2. Hey u know what, I’ve been looking around for an online cell phone repair course and I must say u goes have the craziest/ best video promotion (sales pitch) but u still haven’t convince me yet about signing up….. come on show me the goods….. C i also check u out with BBB and they say u are not a member….. not that u cant be genuine but come on… if i was selling u some thing I would at least show u some thing concrete than just sales pitch…. I tell u one thing though that, dude is good……

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