William P. Agnew

Today on Q & A Tuesday,

William Agnew [Dean and Director of Education] at Cellular Repair School answers a very important question involving “Google and Yelp Reviews”.

Most new business owners fail to understand the power of reviews in today’s business market. Understanding your customers decision making behavior will help you understand the importance of how reviews from specifically Google and Yelp impact your cell phone repair business.

Consumers are more and more checking these reviews and experiences of others before they participate in any money spending activity. Especially when an industry such as mobile device repair is so new and untapped in the consumer market.

Today’s consumer makes it a point to educate themselves before participating and this is even more the case in cell phone or mobile device repair. Bad reviews can literally destroy your business before you begin to grow if you don’t understand how to handle it, and just like in any relationship, the best way to get great reviews is to properly communicate with your customers….

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