It’s literally one of the first things I teach my students as we begin classes every Monday.  Something many newbies don’t even consider when looking at starting their cellphone repair business.

What many cell phone repair start up businesses fail to realize in the beginning is having to ability to actually repair phones is a very small percentage; as a matter of fact; it’s about 20% of what’s going to make you a profitable cell phone repair business. The other 80% lies in knowing the basic and not so basic principles of day to day general business.  What do I mean by general business? Let’s start with a few questions that many fail to consider when looking to start a cell phone repair business.

1. How Do I Set & Regulate Pricing In My Cell Phone Repair Business?  

As simple as that question may seem, many fail to understand how complex this can be without the proper training.  To be absolutely honest,  one bad pricing mistake can be a serious potential detriment to your cell phone repair business. So it’s very important to understand how pricing works, which includes needing to know at what price should you be purchasing certain inventory, how important is knowing your local competitions pricing when setting yours, understanding profit margins when setting your pricing, and much more.

2. What Should And Shouldn’t I Warranty?

Here’s another very import thing to be aware of and know when operating your cell phone repair business.  Every repair you do isn’t going to justify you offering a warranty to your customer, especially in the cell phone repair business.  It’s very important to understand what does and what doesn’t as this is going to keep you from spending valuable time being non-productive. And if you do offer a warranty, how long should it be?

3. Do I Need A Point Of Sale System For My Cell Phone Repair Business?

Absolutely you do. You need to know which point of sale best suits this industry and better yet, you need to be managing your work orders, inventory, tracking your customers…etc. And the right pos system is going to do that for you which is going to make you business more productive.
I could go on and on mentioning things that are going to be very important for to understand when successfully operating your cell phone repair business that you may or may not have taken into consideration.  Things like, overnight shipping parts, expedite fees, diagnostic fees and so much more. At Cellular Repair School we make it a point to teach and support our students on everything they need to know to be successful, and also update and provide them with new opportunities and support that continues to present itself everyday in this cellular repair industry.

There are many training centers that are only teaching you 20% of what you need to know to be successful in this business. That includes not teaching you a very important aspect of how important having the right product mix is to the bottom line of your cell phone repair business such as gaming console repair, handheld consoles repair, ipod repair, phone liquid damage treatments and so much more.

If you’re looking at getting the honest truth and the most information in regards to starting a cell phone repair business.  Cellular Repair School is an excellent choice.

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