Hot Off The Press! Cellular Repair School “The Magazine” available via iPhones, iPads and will soon be available for Android devices, can be downloaded to your Newsstand App each and every month at no cost to you. Be sure to subscribe today and be notified every time a new publication is released.


Cellular Repair The Magazine
can be downloaded right in iTunes and each month we will bring you industry trends, and new improved ways to manage your repair business through repairs and business operations.

This first issue is primarily designed to introduce you to who we are; and what we will be bringing to you each and every month at Cellular Repair School The Magazine. Be sure to sign up for your subscription and receive the monthly publication Cellular Repair School the Magazine at no cost automatically every month.

This months magazine will introduce you to repair shop owners and what they are doing in their businesses to create success. This issue also talks a little about what Cellular Repair School will be providing to its customers in the near future.

Stay tuned for future Cellular Repair School The Magazine issues that will include topics such as;

– How to develop technicians properly for your business, where to find them, and how Cellular Repair School can help.

– One on one coaching to better your operations and profitability.

– Corporate training designed specifically to create top notch technicians.

– Are certain repairs right for your business.

and so much more!

Cellular Repair School has huge plans we will be unveiling in 2014, and our mission is to provide solutions for any customer with any need. Be sure to subscribe today and be notified every time a new publication is released.

Stay Tuned.
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