UME36PRO-2It comes with some saddening news that the tried and trusty Cellebrite UME 36 Pro Phonebook & Content Transfer Device has been officially discontinued.

This comes on the heels of the new replacement device being announced which is the ultra cool Cellebrite Touch unit.

We’ll be doing a full breakdown and review of the Cellebrite Touch soon, but in the meantime Cellebrite has told us that once their stock of existing UME 36 Pro devices have been sold…it’s a done deal for getting new units.

They will be continuing to support the device via regular firmware updates so need to worry if you already have one.  If you don’t have one, better act now while the “gettin’ is good!”

The Cellebrite UME 360 Pro retails for $1,249 where the new Cellebrite Touch will be significantly more expensive at $2,199.

Click here to save some money and get one of the last remaining units today!


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