Cell phone repair jobs finally have a home on the new dedicated job board powered by SmartTech Jobs.

Cellular Repair School has teamed up with the new job board to help provide an easy solution for an industry where this simply has not existed.  “It’s so hard for both employers and employees to find an exact fit for cell phone repair jobs,” says Joshua Gray, President of Cellular Repair School.

A New Job Solution For  A Growing Industry

“Many industries have easier ways for employers to find new talent for their specific niches such as IT or the medical field.  Because of the rather young stage of the cell phone repair industry we’ve been forced to use one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t always result in the best type of recruits,” says Mr. Gray.

Joshua continues by saying, “It can be even harder for a very skilled cell phone repair technician to find a new career opportunity because the Cell Phone Repair industry is comprised of mostly small companies that are typically owner/operators or only have a couple of locations.”

The First Cell Phone Repair Jobs Placement  Program

Cellular Repair School is committed to helping SmartTech Jobs achieve their mission by encouraging their graduates to use the site for both posting their resumes and job openings for graduates that own cell phone repair businesses.  Cellular Repair School will further the initiative by soon adding a graduate job placement assistance program.

“We will be working with SmartTech Jobs to help roll out our job placement program in the coming months.  We know how hard it can be to find recruits and well paying careers in this space so we will be helping our graduates get into great companies that are committed to improving our the cell phone repair industry,” says Joshua

No Cost For Employers or Employees Looking For Cell Phone Repair Jobs

The new service has no cost for cell phone repair companies to post job openings or to individuals looking for a cell phone repair job.  Check them out at www.SmartTechJobs.com  Cell Phone Repair Jobs

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