On the way in to work this morning I decided to stop by Subway to get a hopefully healthier breakfast sandwich and got caught up in a conversation with another customer in line.  I’ll skip the boring details and give you the gist of it…basically the customer was frustrated because she felt that her cell phone carrier was forcing her to upgrade into a “Smartphone” and she really didn’t want to do it.  She had an older model flip phone “dumbphone” that she just loved and she understood how to use it properly.  She was having some issue with the device and it had been discontinued so when she approached her carrier about repairing it, they could only offer her the option of upgrading to a newer phone that had more features and functionality.  She was really, really upset about this because she has pictures and contacts on the phone that she wants PLUS she just plain doesn’t want to learn how to use another phone!

Of course, I told her about cell phone repairing options and she was ecstatic when she learned it is possible to restore her phone to a “good as new” condition.  Why do I feel this is interesting enough to be writing about this to you savvy repair guys?  We see talk to many potential students who think that the focus should be on smartphone repair alone.  This is a perfect example to show that if you have limited exposure and have only iPhone repair training or the like, you are leaving money on the table!  The profit margins in smartphone repair can be hefty, but there are a lot of customers that own dumbphones that are very willing to spend a reasonable amount of money getting their device back to functional.  Not to mention the opportunities available if you know how to repair the device and transfer the data off the device you can make a very lucrative living!

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