Our Story


Cellular Repair School was founded in 2010 by Joshua Gray and William Agnew, initially to solve
a problem they experienced in their own retail repair business. It was impossible to find
& retain talented device repair technicians in their market. They realized that they
needed to create a repeatable way to train their team that would give them:

· the knowledge and skills to be effective and efficient Cell Phone Repair Technicians
· the ability to speak clearly to management about the repairs they encountered,
· the skills to communicate with customers effectively,
· the ability to systematically troubleshoot devices, no matter the make or model
· the confidence they need in every situation they would encounter
· a professional development opportunity for their own personal growth path
· a level of professionalism to the customer experience that was unmatched.

From that process, Cellular Repair School was born, and the founders decided to offer
this process to other people and companies to help them overcome the same problems
they had experienced.

In 2011, Cellular Repair School launched the world’s first Online Cell Phone Repair
Technician training system that allowed individuals to start their own repair businesses,
or easily add repair to an existing business by creating a team of professionals. Since
then, Cellular Repair School as trained tens of thousands of people in over 160+ countries
around the world and help thousands of people achieve success with their own personal
repair journey.

What Makes Us Different?

We believe that what makes the best repair business is having a foundation of the best
repair technicians. We’ve learned that what makes the best technicians isn’t just teaching
them how to “turn screws,” but is a combination of knowing why the devices operate the
way they do, in addition to how to effectively repair them.

In addition to our own repair business experiences, we have worked closely with industry
experts around the globe to come together to create a system that allows anyone with
the desire to be successful with Cell Phone Repair to have a support system with
resources and knowledge to support them. Today, the founders are still active in the
Device Repair and Recycling industry and operate businesses that support
telecommunications carriers, insurance companies repair, recycle, resell used devices.

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