Program:  TRT-4102 [2 Days]

This 2 day intensive hands-on course teaches you Android and iOS Tablet PC fundamentals, operational theory, and how to troubleshoot and repair Tablet PC’s.  Our professional instructors guide you through each topic, teaching you essential concepts through hands-on exercises, demonstrations and lab practicals.  Classes will be held Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 5PM at our Phoenix, Arizona Training Facility.

Program Fee:  $599

Contact/Instructional Hours:  16 hours – 2 Day Intensive
Prerequisite(s) and/or Corequisite(s): CTT-3105 or CRS-2105

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Attending students must have an internet capable device such as a Tablet, Laptop, Smartphone, etc.  An internet connection is required after class in order to complete Out-of-Class assignments.  Out of town students are advised to ensure they have Wi-Fi access at their lodging/hotel accommodations.

What Graduates Receive

Students successfully completing this program will earn:
A Certificate of Completion TRT-4102 Tablet Repair Training Certification valid for two
(2) years

Program Objectives

Tablet PC Repairs & Diagnostics
  • Describe, differentiate and identify the numerous brands and models of Tablet PC devices
  • Identify and describe the functionality of basic parts of a Tablet PC
  • Measure Voltage being applied to Tablet PC circuitry
  • Measure Current in the circuit of a Tablet PC
  • Identify Open Circuits and how that applies to a Tablet PC
  • Identify Closed Circuits and how that applies to Tablet PC repair
  • Identify Short Circuits and how that applies to Tablet PC repair
  • Identify and understand the functionality of BGA IC Chips
  • Explain the main functional areas of Tablet PC devices
  • Identify and effectively use all hand tools needed to repair Tablet PC devices such as drivers, blades, brushes, adhesives, tweezers, cutters, etc
  • Completely disassemble and reassemble iPad 2/3
  • Successfully perform Level 2 repairs to multiple Tablet PC styles, brands and types
  • Completely disassemble and reassemble multiple Android based Tablet PC’s
  • Identify and effectively use all diagnostic and measuring tools needed to repair Tablet PC’s such as Digital Multimeters, DC Power Supplies, Universal Chargers, Microscopes, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Content Transfer Devices, etc.
  • Properly prep your logic board to prevent damaging working components when removing and replacing broken or non-functioning components.
  • Properly remove and replace components on your logic board using the correct time, heat, and techniques.
  • Properly identify and understand the affects of liquid damage.
  • Demonstrate and explain Level 3 Tablet PC repair skills
  • Properly service liquid damaged Tablet PC’s
  • and so much more!

Unlimited Access To Member’s Support Area

  • Additional Training Modules in Business Operations, Repairs, Electronics Fundamentals & So Much More!
  • View detailed videos of different repairs & Tear-downs not available anywhere else
  • On-Going updated repair videos to learn topics not covered in training class
  • Insider Only Forums for Q & A , Networking & Member sharing with other CRS Alumni
  • and so much more!