Our Mission

Cellular Repair School was founded for the simple purpose of creating a ground breaking, affordable training and support system to individuals aspiring to excel in the cellular phone and mobile device repair industries.  Our mission is to elevate entrepreneurs to levels unattainable on their own and foster a network of like minded business owners helping each other to succeed by cultivating a unique culture and experience.

Who We Are

Cellular Repair School was founded by a consortium of leaders in the wireless repair industry.  What exactly is a consortium?  By definition a consortium is a group of individuals or companies formed to undertake an enterprise or activity that would be beyond the capabilities of the individual members.  Our founding members saw a need for a real, established and reputable training center to exist in a marketplace with low entry barriers and businesses conducting anything from poor customer service to fraudulent activities.

Our founding members are true leaders in industries comprised of retail and wholesale repair facilities, parts manufacturers, parts wholesalers, refurbishing factories, engineers, and technical academia educators.

Why Us

We are a pure training facility founded by successful individuals and companies that complete well over 100 repairs per day.  We understand the difference between “sales fluff” and the true Nuts & Bolts of a solid educational and support system that will make the difference between being in business for yourself and being in this by yourself.  Only at Cellular Repair Schools will you learn not only technical skills, but the skills to help you drive more profit directly to the bottom line!  Our industry connections provides you with the “Insider’s Track” to accelerate your business growth and resources.


Contact us with any questions, comments or just to introduce yourself!

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