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Technical Training

Cell phone repair training including everything from Cell Phone Repair Essentials, to Advanced Troubleshooting, and even Micro-Soldering and everything in-between. What we’ve found makes the best cell phone repair technicians is a solid understanding of the “WHY” and the “HOW” when it comes to repairing devices.

Successfully repairing devices is much more than just “HOW” to take screws out and replace a part.  Understanding “WHY” the device operates the way it does, and the way signals move through the device makes the “HOW” easier to comprehend so you can attack repairs with more confidence, and troubleshoot issues the right way when things don’t go exactly as planned.

Wholesale Vendor Marketplace

Working with the right kind of vendor for cell phone repair parts and supplies really helps you run your business smoothly and efficiently.

Designed with you in mind, the Vendor Marketplace is where you can find dozens of trusted wholesale suppliers for everything you need to start, run and grow your business.  

From parts & tools vendors, to Signage & Attorneys…we’ve got you covered.

Business Coaching

Covering topics from marketing basics, to Pay-Per-Click advertising, sales strategies, hiring & firing employees, and everything in-between.

These courses are real-world proven, and taught by real cell phone repair business owners and marketers.  We do what we teach and despise untested theory, we believe that the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. If that sounds appealing, then welcome! You’ve found your home.

Live Support

We believe in and support our graduates. As a CRS Alumni, you’ll have access to support hotlines, live virtual online coaching and support, forums, Flowchart Database, the Repair Labs Library and the Courses Library.

You are never alone.

Repair Hero Community

The community is where you get your questions answered, where you can celebrate your victories, where you can get an encouraging word when you need one.

You will get better results because you’ll have the full support of an incredibly strong community. A community made up of fellow repair entrepreneurs and fixers. It is going to be an amazing resource for you.

Certifications That Matter

Cellular Repair School is licensed by the Board of Education for cell phone and tablet repair training. Our programs are approved by the Association of Device Repair Service Excellence, the industry standard for vendor-neutral, mobility repair certification.

Don’t waste money or time on a “certificate” from another training center. Unless they’re licensed and accredited, it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.


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